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Luc Morin’s life as a taxidermist began with his Aunt Florentine Lagasse. His Grade 8 teacher, Paul Desrosier, a Métis, was interested in taxidermy and found six students who were also interested in the craft, with Luc being one of them. Paul asked Florentine if she would be interested in teaching the six students about taxidermy, and she accepted. Luc owes a debt of gratitude to both his teacher Paul and his late Aunt Florentine. In October of 1975, Luc began formally practicing taxidermy at Hawkins Taxidermy in Winnipeg, which was the largest taxidermy business in Canada. 

While at Hawkins, Luc was able to learn a variety of taxidermy styles and was trained in all animal forms, such as bear, fish, and birds. After over 15 years at Hawkins, Luc felt that it was time to go into business for himself, so he and his family moved to Nipawin, Saskatchewan during the fall of 1991. In June of 1992, Morin Taxidermy was born.

Since 1996, Morin Taxidermy has been fortunate enough to mount the skin or replica mounts of the Saskatchewan provincial records of walleye, as the records have been broken. His most recent record fish that he mounted was a world record ice fishing walleye that weighed 18.30 lbs, and was caught out of Tobin Lake by Father Mariusz Zajac, nicknamed Father Walleye. Father Mariusz used the newfound fame to help others. After the Tsunami hit the coasts of the Indian Ocean on Dec. 26, 2004, Father Mariusz felt that the fisherman there needed help getting back on the water. You can visit his website at to see how you can help.

Luc and his family have been happy to make their home in the beautiful Nipawin area, which is an amazing place for both fish and game due to the rivers, lakes, forest, and farmland surrounding the community.